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The dedicated team at LionsGate Advisors consists of financial professionals you can trust for every aspect of managing your wealth. As the area’s most trusted wealth management firm, we take pride in delivering sound advice that leads to greater financial flexibility. Wealth management and financial planning are our firms’ specialties, and we’ve successfully led many clients to secure economic outcomes and financial stability. We pride ourselves in being fiduciaries, offering accurate and tailored information that makes sense for your lifestyle, in any stage of life.

LionsGate Advisors is available to help our clients with more than selecting the correct investments. We are able to help our clients construct diverse financial portfolios, guide them towards financial independence and give them the tools to maintain comfortable lifestyles when they’re ready for retirement. The wealth management and financial planning services we offer are important for people in every stage of their career to take advantage of. Whether you’re a young professional or are at the age of retirement, you can accomplish your goals with proper direction and the right game plan. Let us get you on the right track to reach your wealth management objectives.

Exclusive Portfolio Management Resources

Through an exclusive arrangement, LionsGate Advisors offers a full suite of AI-assisted portfolios that turn market volatility to an advantage.

Life Insurance as an Asset

Using advanced life insurance and annuity strategies, LionsGate Advisors is able to build financial plans that maximize certainty of retirement income while minimizing tax liabilities and market risk.

Asset and Private Placements

For the qualified investor, LionsGate Advisors has access to an active roster of promising pre-IPO placements, including in companies that are already becoming household names.



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Family Office Design and Administration

We seek to empower families through detailed planning and regular open communication to ensure decision making is in alignment with the long-term vision of your legacy. 

At LionsGate Advisors, our services are designed for those families seeking to successfully sustain wealth across generations. 

The management of multi-generational wealth requires strategy, coordination and expertise. LionsGate Advisors works closely with high- and ultra-high-net-worth families to identify, acquire and incorporate appropriate investment, legal and family dynamic protections so you have the freedom to enjoy the opportunities that wealth can provide.  

We seek to empower families through detailed planning and open, regular communication to ensure your decisions are in alignment with the long-term vision of your legacy, and sustainable for generations to come. 

Assembling the Right Advisors

LionsGate Advisors is a center of influence for a roster of nationally recognized tax strategists, estate planning counselors and family dynamic facilitators. We can identify your needs for trusted advisors that specialize in the strategies most important for the successful long-term administration of your family office. 


After your team of trusted advisors has been assembled, we coordinate their efforts, ensuring that each of them understands the big picture so that they can develop strategic options that fit together to support every aspect of your family office. 


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    The team behind Lions Gate Advisors is made up of qualified financial professionals who are passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

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