Staying Social in Retirement Lionsgate Advisors

Staying Social in Retirement

September 23, 2022
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For many of us, retirement can be scary for many reasons. Retiring can be an acknowledgment of an end to a chapter of your life. Many people love their work, and the idea that they’d stop or could be unable to continue doing what they love is painful. It can also be daunting to think […]

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The Value of Doing Nothing in Retirement LionsGate Advisors

The Value of Doing Nothing in Retirement

September 16, 2022
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For many, retirement can be a struggle to find new ways to stay busy. If you’re approaching retirement, figuring out how to replace the sense of fulfillment you may have had with your work can be difficult. If you’re in retirement, you may already feel restless without your daily occupation. While it’s crucial for your […]

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A Movie Marathon for a Fun Night In! Lionsgate Advisors

A Movie Marathon for a Fun Night In!

September 2, 2022
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Retirement is a time to do more of what you love, whether that’s through an active hobby like hiking or through sports like tennis and golf, or if it’s a relaxing activity like reading, writing, or embracing your creative side with the arts and music. But in retirement, it’s important to take advantage of the […]

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Traveling in Retirement on a Budget Lionsgate Advisors

Traveling in Retirement on a Budget

August 26, 2022
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Retiring is a lifetime achievement marking a new chapter of exploration, journey, and relaxation. That’s why so many retirees choose to travel when they enter retirement! But affording the retirement you planned for isn’t a walk in the park, especially nowadays with inflation affecting where and how we spend, especially when it comes to traveling. […]

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Earth Shoes and Other Products of the 70s Lionsgate Advisors

Earth Shoes and Other Products of the 70s

August 19, 2022
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If you think some of the products your kids or grandkids have are strange, consider what was around in the 70s – pet rocks and beer shampoo. The 70s certainly saw some interesting trends. You may even have a few of these artifacts somewhere in your home, perhaps tucked away in the attic or basement. […]

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