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Adaptive Financial Planning for Today's Economy

Accelerate Your Impact

Accelerate Your Impact


A Word About The Author, Jason Ingram

In Accelerate Your Impact, Investment Advisor Representative Jason Ingram synthesizes his years of fiduciary experience guiding successful professionals into and through their retirement years, enabling them to preserve wealth and strategize for long-term peace of mind. No jargon fiend, Jason uses an inviting conversational tone to teach useable concepts that are appropriate for both newbies as well as experienced “spreadsheet warriors” about the potential pitfalls that await the uninformed. Covering topics like the post-COVID-19 landscape and the ticking time bombs that are tax-deferred accounts, the book truly earns it’s subtitle, Adaptive Financial Planning for Today’s Economy. Timely, navigable, and – surprisingly – enjoyable, Accelerate Your Impact is the must-have retirement money management guide for protecting your financial foundation.

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin said our Constitution’s durability appeared promising but added that “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Jason Ingram’s book, Accelerate Your Impact, embraces that certainty. He tackles death and taxes head-on, explaining that first and foremost he considers himself an educator. No, he’s not going to lob fish our way. Instead, he’s going to teach us how to fish. That big fish we need to land? Financial security that endures, no matter what Congress throws our way in terms of changing tax laws or fate throws at us in terms of crises, including health problems and pandemics. 

A big task Jason embraces is teaching readers that they should actively care about their financial futures. “Well, we’ve always done it this way” complacency can be costly. So can placing trust in the wrong hands. Not all financial advisors are fiduciaries with a legal responsibility to put client’s financial needs first. 

In guiding readers on how to “accelerate the impact” of their wealth, Jason uses a large financial vocabulary. If terms such as “quantitative easing,” “index annuities,” and “non-correlated assets” are not part of your daily fare, do not despair. Jason explains the terminology. He also uses a four-letter word, “math,” but he uses charts explaining the math involved, for example, in this country’s demographics on aging. He also throws out some facts that might make your blood boil. For example, our country’s top 60 corporations paid NO taxes in 2018. 

Jason makes readers reflect on their personal situations, such as their possible future needs for extended care and making sure their assets last for their lifetimes. He also presents interesting history, such as taking us back to Roman times to discuss annuities. For insurance pooling, he takes us back 5,000 years to ancient Babylonia. And he looks at our current problems battling Covid-19, including Congressional responses such as the SECURE Act. 

While pulling out quotation gems from famous people such as Albert Einstein, Jason also creates some gems of his own. Here are my top three: “Hope is not a strategy.” “In the U.S., we are like college students on free beer night.” “Enjoy your life and retirement. We get only one chance.... Listen, listen, love, love.” 

In closing, if you are concerned about your financial future, if you don’t know the parable of the lion and the gazelle, or if you think that “Monte Carlo simulation” maybe involves a computerized car chase through winding mountain roads, you should read this book! 

Sandy Davidson Carter, Ph.D., J.D., Prof. Emerita, College of Journalism, University of Missouri
Ronald D. Carter, M.D. 

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